Add an Air Cannon or two to your event. Our no-kick air cannon launches golf balls over 300 yards. Set it up on a par 5 and collect funds for the beneficiary of the tournament. When people see it in action, everyone wants to try it out.

Everyone loves the Air Cannon. What’s not to like?

Players love the thrill.  Every player will love it. It’s light weight, easy to use and everyone gets a thrill shooting a golf ball over 300 yards. Not to mention, everyone increases their chances to make lower scores.

Use it to raise revenue.  Every player that shoots the air cannon gives a donation to the event. Revenues go up, the fun meter gets pegged and everyone has a great time

Sponsors love it. Sponsors benefit from the increased exposure. When players get together to shoot it, sponsors have the captive audience they dream about–more personal interaction means better retention and conversion.

Every one of our players loved the Air Cannon. Who wouldn’t-what a thrill-shooting a golf ball over 300 yards! Even the ladies loved it.  The no-kick air cannon was so much fun, and it helped us raise an additional $4,500 for our event. We will use it…again and again.